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Student and Parent Career Workshops

Complementing, not replacing your schools career counselling capabilities.

Which career to choose

For me, my job is to complement the efforts already made by the school's career counsellor. With extensive mid to senior level corporate experience, accross multi-industry sectors, I work with students, parents and teachers to design a road map for the student in exactly how to achieve their career goals.

Why use Sharon Carr from Career Smart to conduct Workshops for your School?


  • Real Life Experience with international and national corporate coach: Whilst schools may have excellent Career Counsellors they may not have either the time nor the expertise in life beyond the education system. My job is to build on a students current knowledge and provide key insights and guidance in how to achieve career success throughout their life-time.

  • Alternative Pathways: with a positive view to alternative pathways an extertal advisor can provide reassurance to parents considering Non-ATAR pathways for their child and the required considerations to make those decision with their child and school.

  • Parent Engagement: Parent involvement is a key factor in a child's academic success. By providing information sessions led by a qualified Career Counselor, you can actively engage parents in their child's educational journey. These sessions will empower parents with valuable insights into career exploration, job outlooks, and educational pathways, enabling them to better support their children's aspirations.

  •  Strengthening Student Outcomes: When parents are actively involved and well-informed about career choices, they can effectively support their children's academic and career goals. By engaging parents in information sessions, you create a united front of support that enhances student outcomes. Students benefit from parents who can guide them towards suitable career options, motivate their educational pursuits, and instill a sense of purpose and direction.

  • Point of Difference: Offering expert, industry and corporate professional career guidance for students and/or parents is not only good for the child but an advantage to the school. Having already worked with over 800 students in Western Australia I have a working insight all WA private schools and many public school career management processes.

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