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Dear Sharon,


Thank you so very much for your time last week. I know you went well over our session time as you thought it would make a difference in my life and I believe it will. That was so kind of you and without expectation of anything in return. 


You've given me so much to think about and I bought the book The Smart but Scattered guide to success for adults and I'm going through it.  You've really opened my eyes to many things.


I look forward to sharing my progress with you as I know you truly do care. 


Sharon is known within my son’s private school year group parents as 'the teen whisper'. She just gets it. Having now recommended Sharon to well over 10 other parents who have used her services I can wholeheartedly  say that any parent wanting the very best for their child needs to make an appointment to see her immediately.  The session, whilst rigorous is fun, insightful and a game changer in how all of our kids went on to see their future and how to take charge of it. They left armed with the knowledge and confidence needed at this crucial time in their lives.  Unlike a schools career counsellor  Sharon comes from a corporate background with significant  senior level experience in different industries and locations. She has been everywhere and done everything.. This allowed both my children to really get an understanding of life's possibilities  not just locally but nationally and internationally.   


I approached Sharon for some advice on my early career and mapping out my potential future pathways.

She was very helpful and had a keen eye for picking up the nuances in my personality, passions and skillset, and applied this knowledge to provide comprehensive advice in only 1 session.

Sharon was lively and easy-going, casual in conversation but professional in the structure of her coaching.

I would recommend Sharon to anyone who needs some coaching at any stage in their career. Her advice gave me the confidence to own my career path.


I sought out Sharon for helping with my interview skills and some career advice. Sharon is a great listener and VERY patient. She listens to my questions and patiently answers all them. Her tips for interviews are are nuanced and on point. My interview skills improved tremendously just after one session with her. Although she will say it is all me, I know that I would not have gotten my promotion without her invaluable advice and training. 


Sharon recently helped me navigate a difficult career transition. My broad scientific experience afforded me a swath of career opportunities. Coming from an academic setting though, I didn’t have clear guidance on achieving my next steps outside of that realm. Sharon stepped in, helped me to set objective tasks and encouraged me to put plans into actions. She challenged me to keep up the pace of my search and not lose motivation. Most importantly for me, I looked forward to talking with Sharon as I knew she was just as invested in my success as I. She is a kind and thoughtful listener, that provides positive yet practical support – which is so critical.  I will carry her lessons with me throughout my career.


Thank you very much for the time taken with Britney - she has found it very valuable. You really gave her the guidance she so desperately needed and also helped me to understand her course selection and the reasoning behind it. That along with understanding future careers and job growth has been a real eye opener. The decision she was being encouraged to make at school would not have suited her at all. I really can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to really understand my girl and care about what is best for her in the longterm. I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so."


Hi Sharon, You may not remember me but it is Connie from Herne Hill. I am now in my third year of Veterinary Science and don't think I would have been able to make it through all the tough times without reflecting back on our session and referring to the Career Guide/Plan we worked on. You are such a nice person and I hope I can reach out to you again in the future to let you know how i am going.


Hi Sharon, I just wanted to write to you to give you an update on Sara. She did go on to do the bridging program for Curtin and is now in her second year of Computer Science and really happy with her choice. I can't believe how close she was to giving up on her future. You gave her not just hope but a belief in herself and what her future could be. With your kind heart and intelligent nature we would recommend you to anyone. 

Wendy and Tony

"Hello beautiful Sharon,

I have to tell you Beau really got so much out of today....he loved it! Someone outside the "goldfish bowl" could see and understand was really empowering for him! It gave him insight and hopes for a brighter future! He really needed this and I really needed to know someone cared about his best interest and his future. Thank you very much Sharon."


Oh Sharon, as I said to you on the phone. You must advertise. There is nobody out there that cares the way you do with such an uncanny insight into the motivation, talents and personality of teenages. Both my twins have been raving about you to anyone that will listen. This has not only helped them but as a result given me peace of mind as their mother knowing that they are now both on the right track. Really, thank you. You are one very special lady.


I first met Sharon last year when I was recommended to visit her for help with career direction & exploring options around my future.

Sharon's warm, understanding and encouraging nature were very quick to see as we worked through a variety of models (incl. Myers Briggs) designed to better help people understand themselves and the career paths that could best align with their personality, skillset and aspirations.

The whole experience was highly personable as Sharon is someone who fully engages, invests and inspires the best in the people that she works with.

For anybody looking for Career Coaching or even a simple discussion around their future, I'd highly recommend them to reach out to Sharon. For me it was lifechanging.


"We all enjoyed the session on Friday and found it very informative, especially me! It sparked a lot of conversation from the kids and really got them thinking about their future and what classes they should take given their personality and career aspirations. It’s the first time I have seen Alicia engaged in her learning and believing in her future for a very long time. I really cannot thank you enough. We are one happy family thanks to you. Thanks for the all the info and for how much I know you put in to the session, it will be put to good use."


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