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Sharon Carr Career Advisor

Sharon Carr
Career Advis
or Perth

How it started for me...

Becoming a career advisor and founding Career Smart was the culmination of many years spent finding my own ideal career… the hard way. 

I had, on the outside, the dream corporate career - high salary, prestige, travel, meeting global leaders, the lot. I had lead sales and marketing teams in Singapore, China and Australia working for some of the most respected global brands such as Apple, Coca Cola and Unilever. I held a board director role with the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Beijing while I managed a HR Management Consulting company for Greater China. 

And while this progression came with an increasingly rewarding salary, new opportunities and esteem, I was never truly satisfied. I felt there was an essential ingredient missing; a connection between my day-to-day work life and the person I was inside.


It was only when I was actively mentoring and training my colleagues and clients that I felt enlivened and excited by my work. So, after leading them to greater success in their lives and career, I decided it was time to take my own advice and follow my own dreams and created Career Smart.


THIS is my passion. THIS was what motivated me and led me to my own rewarding career, doing exactly what I love - giving others direction and clarity in selecting  a career that truly fits and delivers lifelong satisfaction for them. It really works!

Understanding how to leverage your natural abilities to follow your dream career begins with your individually tailored personality assessment.


Contact Career Smart to arrange your comprehensive profile analysis and take the first step on the right career path for you.


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The right career choice starts here

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The right career choice starts here

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