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 Career Counselling and Coaching

Wanting to make a successful career change or reviewing your choice of post year 12 pathway?

If you’re feeling unsatisfied in your current job and looking for a change of career, you’re not alone. According to a global study by Gallup, 2/3rds of employees are disengaged from their work and looking to move on from their current job.

Happy in your career
What to expect from your session

Whilst tailored to each individual, a typical session includes;


  • in-depth personality and career profile

  • skills and competencies review and alignment with options

  • Possible (if required) study options; UNI, Alternative Pathway, TAFE or VET

  • life aspirations and/or any extenuating factors

  • career options and general areas of interest identification based on highly respected and proven models such as the Holland Code and STRONG

  • market realities such as; job outlook, education requirements, long-term suitability

  • focus is on long-term fulfillment and success

  • career action plan

The right career choice starts here

Understanding how to leverage your natural abilities to follow your dream career begins with your individually tailored personality assessment.


Contact Career Smart to arrange your comprehensive profile analysis and take the first step on the right career path for you.


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