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Career Smart Careers Choices

Career Counselling Perth

Don’t leave your career success and happiness to chance. We help high school students and young adults discover their ideal career path and exactly how to succeed in making it happen. Call our  Perth Career Counsellor now or book online.

                       helping individuals and teams thrive 

Professional careers counselling, guidance and advice

Whether you’re a high school student trying to figure out which career path to take, or you’re a young adult questioning your choice of career direction, our expert careers counsellors are here to help you with personalised career planning.


We operate with the belief that regardless of your IQ, personality, or life situation, you have the ability to achieve an intrinsically rewarding career.


Our approach to careers counselling includes in-depth personality tests and analysis to discover the careers that will best suit your interests, values, and personality.


Career Smart Student Career Counselling

What to expect from Career Smart careers counselling

At Career Smart, we help you uncover your natural skills by combining in-depth psychometric testing with a mentorship program developed specifically to help you achieve your goals. 


  • You’ll learn about the career paths that best suit your interests, values and personality

  • Explore your various career options and the paths required to get there

  • Evaluation of career options; growth potential, income, suitability to the individual and their long term career and life goals 

  • Receive advice on careers or courses you’re currently considering including alternative pathways and subject selection

  • Learn the framework on how to ensure your personality, interests, capabilities and life goals match up to your career plan

  • Personalised Career Plan

Finally, when you choose Career Smart to guide you to your ideal career, you’ll receive an individually tailored Personality & Career Interest Profile Report, and your very own Career Action Plan. These documents will equip you with the precise steps you need to take in order to achieve the life and career you’ve been dreaming of.

Career guidance and coaching services

Student Careers Counselling

Career counselling and coaching for high school, university or TAFE students looking for guidance and advice on their future career path. Our careers counsellors are especially passionate about helping the next generation lead happier, more fulfilling lives by choosing the right career path.

Career Transition Coaching

For individuals already in the workforce looking to make a change, our Perth career counsellors provide clear guidance and advice for a successful transition. Or, we’ll equip you with the skills and ability to improve your current working conditions and your job prospects.


Sharon Carr from Career Smart operates Student and Parent Workshops at various times during the year. Click here to find the next one to suit you or your child.


We provide personalised, practical support and guidance for students, parents and even teachers who would like more in-school support by an experienced external career counsellor.

Understanding how to leverage your natural abilities to follow your dream career begins with your individually tailored personality assessment.


Contact Career Smart to arrange your comprehensive profile analysis and take the first step on the right career path for you.


The right career choice starts here

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