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MORRISBY: A Career and Personality Assessment designed specifically for High School Students.

CareerSmart Morrisby Career Assessment

About Morrisby

The Morrisby Career Assessment is a comprehensive tool designed to help individuals discover and explore their career interests, skills, and aptitudes. This assessment combines a series of psychometric tests and questionnaires to provide personalized insights and guidance regarding suitable career paths. By analyzing an individual's strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, and interests, the Morrisby Career Assessment assists in identifying potential career options that align with their unique abilities and aspirations. It offers valuable information and recommendations to help individuals make informed decisions about their future career paths, ensuring they embark on a fulfilling and rewarding professional journey.

Career Action Plan

"The results of the Morrisby test were so accurate and comprehensive", it helped so much with my Sons decision about what to study at UNI".


- Julia Peterson

Using Morrisby to find your best career match

Morrisby tests personality, interests and competencies. Similar to the Myers Briggs assessment or 16 personalities, Morrisby takes into consideration a persons personality however goes a step further in that it will assess skills, career interest and capabilities. With a unique and highly individualized profile a student (and their parents) will be able to see not only what the individual is suited to but also the correlation between that, their personality and their capability. 

Morrisby Career Assessment

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The right career choice starts here

Understanding how to leverage your natural abilities to follow your dream career begins with your individually tailored personality assessment.


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