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Student Career Planning Session

Career Planning Perth

Specialised career advise


Helping you choose the right career is a highly personalised and in-depth process. Our career advice is based on more than a set of test results. We seek to understand what brings you joy, what motivates you, and what you want out of life beyond just a career. 

This level of insight ensures that you get the very best career fit – one tailored to your unique characteristics and ultimate goals – rather than a more generalised recommendation. 

The career planning session - how it works

Career advice consultation

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Initial 15 min free consult to discover if this is the right process for you and if so, how we can help. 


Before the session you will complete a career/personality assessment which will be used to assist yourself and your consultant to uncover your natural strengths, personality and determine your best career options

Career self-assessment
Career assessment outcomes

Debrief of Outcomes

Together we’ll go through the results of your assessment to discuss your unique personality traits and what this means for you in terms of achieving your goals This will be in depth and rigorous but also fun!

Assess Career/Study Options

With a comprehensive understanding of your unique characteristics and qualities, we can assess the right career or study options for your future success.

Career and study options
Your best career

Intensive Career Vetting

After determining your career possibilities, each option is closely scrutinised to ensure the very best career fit for your long-term success and fulfilment in both career and life. 

Career Action Plan

Like anything in life, with no action there can be no achievement of a goal. As a result the final step is to both consolidate the session into a Career Action Plan. You will be provided with a brief but complete guide on the "Where to from here". 

Personal branding

Don't let doubt or uncertainty hold you back a moment longer. No matter what stage of life you’re at, or what your goals are, Career Smart will provide expert career advice to ensure you find your very best career fit.

Make the right choice for tomorrow; click ​to book a consultation today.


Helping students and school leavers make the right career and study choices.


Helping experienced and mature aged workers change career paths and make a fresh start.

Helping you refine your presentation and interview skills to land the job of your dreams.

The right career choice starts here

Understanding how to leverage your natural abilities to follow your dream career begins with your individually tailored personality assessment.


Contact Career Smart to arrange your comprehensive profile analysis and take the first step on the right career path for you.


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